Why do I need to repair my eyelashes within 10 days

1.Why do I need to repair my eyelashes within 10 days

Repairing eyelashes is not about waiting for them to fall off before repairing them. Repairing eyelashes within 10 days is to make your eyelashes healthier and more durable. Eyelashes grow 0.18mm per day, and within ten days they will grow 1.8mm. With a safe distance of 1mm, it is 2.8mm. We need to remove and graft unhealthy and crooked hair until 30 days later when the false eyelashes are removed and re grafted.

For more than 10 days, messy eyelashes can affect the speed and effectiveness of grafting, so 7-10 days is the best repair time.


2.Why eyelashes need grafting once a month?

1).Daily exposure to wind and sun, residual makeup, and self oil secretion can lead to the growth of bacteria at the roots of eyelashes, which can actually increase the burden on eyelashes.

2). Some are dirty things that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and the longer they are kept, the more likely the eyes are to experience itching, blocked hair follicles, folliculitis…

3). Removing and re grafting can effectively clean eyelashes, do not blindly pursue 2-3 months without falling off

4).Eyelashes themselves have a healthy growth cycle, and healthy eyelashes are our ultimate pursuit

3.How long can one eyelash grafting last?

There are many factors that can affect the persistence of eyelashes, and the ideal duration for maintaining eyelashes is usually around 30 days.

The grafting technique and glue of a beauty eyelash artist, most importantly, the personal care after grafting, can also affect the lasting time of eyelashes. And my own eyelashes also have a growth cycle, which naturally falls off and regenerates

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