Reasons why you’re struggling with fanning

1.Not picking up lashes from the sweet spot-you MUST pick up lashes from the  sweet spot which will always be the center of which ever tweezers your are using. This ensures you get a clean pull every time with no loose lashes.

2.Pinching too hard- STOP over pinching! Pinch slowly and watch the fan spread out, there’s no need to rush. That way you can watch the fan, and once you created your desired fan you can stop pinching. Remember overly pinching=will cause the fan to come our of your tweezers.

3.Thumb is not directly on middle finger when pinching- your thumb should always be pushing directly on your middle finger for the tightest grip on your tweezers. If you’re not going this , your grip isn’t tight enough!

4.You need better eyelash extension glue!- A better glue will let you make fans in other ways without pinching! A better glue will also work with your lashes and to make the fans for you in a blossom cup/glue ring.


Making a fan is a technique that requires more practice. High quality eyelashes can also help you achieve twice the result with half the effort!

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