How should we distinguish eyelash glue?

1. What is eyelash extension glue?

Conventional extended adhesive is a single component moisture cured black type quick drying adhesive, which is synthesized through the reaction of three main additives: @ cyanoacrylic acid, including carbon black, tackifier, stabilizer, anti settling agent, catalyst, and other additives. The main principle is to use water molecules in the air to solidify, achieving an instant bonding effect, as most material surfaces are filled with trace amounts of water molecules, so humidity and temperature can affect the curing speed of the adhesive.

Due to the sensitive nature of the eyelash industry, which requires high levels of adhesive, conventional instant dried adhesives have a strong volatility and irritation, which can easily cause eye and skin allergies and cannot meet the requirements of eyelash beauty. Therefore, in order to meet the ultimate requirements of eyelash artist, we have carried out secondary distillation and purification of conventional instant dried adhesives, effectively reducing the irritation of instant dried adhesives. And the formula was upgraded to eliminate conventional catalysts, and a beauty gel with advantages such as low odor, anti allergy, flexibility, softness, and elasticity was developed.

0.5s Glue

2.How should we distinguish eyelash glue?

(1) Distinguishing odors, there is no doubt that good products should have a lower odor and be safer.

Quick-drying adhesive can be divided into different systems based on the raw materials, such as ethyl/methoxy/melt oxygen. Different raw material systems will volatilize different odors and have different advantages and disadvantages.

DIY eyelash glue recommends the methoxy type, which has the advantages of being mild, non irritating, and anti allergic.

It is recommended to use alkyl for high-end applications. Alkyl has advantages such as high firmness, low odor, and low allergies, but its disadvantages include slow curing, relatively expensive prices, and a long supply cycle of raw materials.

At present, for the high-end application of alkoxy groups, due to their raw materials being basically monopolized by international companies, there are few related products in the market. However, our partners have special industrial channels and are the earliest suppliers of eyelash glue to apply alkyl to the eyelash industry, with mature technology and products.

(2) Viewing Blackness and Fusion

Due to the poor quality of raw materials and simple process, ordinary products are prone to delamination and require prolonged shaking during use. If the shaking is not in place, uneven degree of glue dripping may occur, and repeated shaking is required for each use. Our product has higher purity after secondary distillation and is mixed through chemical reactions using negative pressure and high speed equipment. The product is not easy to layer, and only needs to be slightly shaken for more than ten times during use. One shaking of the glue takes 8 hours.

(3) Observe the shrinkage rate of the adhesive after curing

Due to the abnormal demand of lash artist for the curing speed of glue (0.3s/0.5s/1s for shaping), a large amount of catalyst must be added to conventional lashes adhesive. After adding the catalyst, there are many drawbacks, mainly manifested as: increasing the risk of allergies, obvious irritation of the adhesive, brittle glue after curing, and short shelf life of the adhesive (2-3 months of wire drawing and fixing), etc.

We can distinguish whether the glue has been added with excessive catalyst by the flatness of the surface after curing.

(4)Dropping glue to observe the oxidation wire drawing speed

We can compare the dripping of glue on the glass surface. A good product should be able to effectively stand on neutral surface materials for more than 30 minutes without any wire drawing or curing.

(5) Testing glue suspension and blackness decomposition in water

The specific gravity of eyelash glue is generally 1.03-1.05, which is similar to that of water. Conventional products are generally suspended on the water surface. Some parts add inferior glue, which can directly sink to the bottom due to excessive solvent density. Poor quality melanin is also prone to water decomposition and diffusion, resulting in separation of melanin and glue.

The ultimate and most effective method is practical operation testing. When selecting a glue, a eyelash artist needs to choose a glue that matches their own manual speed. The saying is that there is no best solution but a more suitable one. The firmness of the glue is directly related to the eyelash extensions artist techniques, operating methods, customer habits, skin constitution, and so on

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