New Trends in the Development of False Eyelashes in 2023

Up to now, the basic eyelashes have become very popular. There are also many different styles in each girl’s makeup bag. Besides the basic style, what other new eyelashes are there?

1.Leading the trend, innovating and becoming a fashion leader

The diamond eyelashes, which are often active on various stages and shows, are undoubtedly a major new trend. Whether it’s diamond eyelashes or glitter eyelash extension, they not only showcase beauty but also emphasize the personalization of eye makeup.

KIKO once produced a Glitter Top Coat eye black with a high price. It needs to be used after the eyelash is primed, which is quite “gorgeous and beautiful”

Due to certain threshold restrictions on this type of eyelash, it is not suitable for daily use, so beauty brands quickly launched magnetic eyelashes. Simply place the eyelashes correctly on the eyelash holder and gently clamp them at the base to reap the charm of curly eyelashes.

Apart from the increasing number of style, it is not difficult to find that fake eyelashes nowadays are no longer exclusive to stage makeup effects or runway red carpets. As styles become more natural and wearing methods become more convenient, every girl can freely choose fake eyelashes to add to their makeup.

2.The operational requirements are getting lower and lower

The once popular strip shaped eyelashes have many consumers who say they won’t stick, the length is not suitable for their eye shape, and the cutting is easy to break. It didn’t take long for cluster eyelashes to appear, which solved more problems with strip eyelashes and made them more convenient for daily wear. Including matching cluster eyelash glue, it has also swept the world.

3.The material of fake eyelashes is also constantly changing

The initial use of animal hair was not only expensive but also controversial, and now synthetic eyelashes are more popular. I remember during my college years, when I first experienced fake eyelashes, the staff patiently introduced me to various hair materials, among which mink hair was the most expensive.

As a student at that time, I reluctantly looked at mink hair and resolutely chose the cheaper synthetic eyelashes. Silk eyelashes are not only cheap, but also more environmentally friendly. The eyelashes made from it mainly include: eyelash extensions, premade voluem eyelashes, cluster lashes, and synthetic lashes.

4.The band is also different

Plastic bands are the hardest, but at a lower price, while cotton bands are softer and more comfortable. Transparent bands, on the other hand, combine the advantages of both and maintain a low price on the basis of invisibility. The same goes for false eyelash glue. The initial black glue was prone to dirt, but later transparent glue was made to solve this problem. But not long after, the merchant discovered that the winter express glue was prone to freezing, so they made it into antifreeze glue.

Despite the variety and continuous improvement of eyelashes, there are still some controversies. Both grafted eyelashes and strip eyelashes have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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