Introduction to Y Shape Eyelash Extension

What is Y shape eyelash extension

Just like its name suggests, each tips is woven from 2 eyelashes, making it suitable for customers who have sparse eyelashes but prefer a dense effect. The unique Y shape eyelash extension can fill the gap in eyelashes well. At the same time, the Y shape eyelash extension are also a versatile eyelash that can be paired with W-shaped eyelashes and classic eyelashes to produce various matching effects

On this basis, our company has developed 3Y eyelashes, with each tips woven from 3 eyelashes, resulting in a denser effect without increasing weight.

This is the product link, so everyone can have a better understanding of this new product

YY Lash Extensions


Characteristics of Y shape eyelash extension

It can make the eyelashes look better, and the eyelashes can highlight the contours of the eyes, adding to the charm of the eyes. The upper face eyelashes are longer and denser than the lower face eyelashes, with a matte black and slightly raised appearance. It has become one of the important facial decoration parts for humans, especially women.

How to distinguish the thickness of Y eyelashes

Observing its roots, 0.07 consists of four eyelashes of the same thickness at the base, and 0.05 consists of four eyelashes of the same thickness at the base, so 0.07 is thicker than 0.05

In order for everyone to better understand, I have specially created a video for everyone to exchange and learn together

How to distinguish between 0.05 and 0.07

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