What’s Loose Premade Fans?

What’s loose premade fans?

Our loose eyelashes are premade fan shaped by professionals, keeping the base thin and lightweight. These eyelashes are very soft and fluffy, providing customers with a beautiful full coverage production appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages of loose premade

Loose fans can be roughly divided into square boxes, elongated box and round boxes. Square and long boxes can only accommodate eyelashes of a single length, while round boxes can accommodate mixed and single lengths.

Regardless of the type of box, you can make the quantity according to your requirements, 300/500/1000 fans. Its advantage is that it can save shipping costs, reduce costs, and provide value for money. But the drawbacks are also very obvious. You need to organize them every time you use them, otherwise they can easily get tangled up and become a ball.

Premade fans not require additional production of fans or mastery of flowering techniques. You only need to choose the corresponding type of premade according to customer requirements. The grafting speed is fast, and repairing eyelashes is also convenient, making it very suitable for beauty salons to organize activities to attract customers and traffic

Premade volume fans classification

Premade fans is divided into short roots, long roots, pointy base , wispy volume, double spike and small flowers

Thickness 0.03 0.05 0.07 0.10

Curl C, CC, D, DD, L

Length 8-18mm

The grafting effect varies depending on the product. Our company can provide you with free samples to test the quality of the product

High quality fans clear roots and distinct roots, long-lasting curls, and the roots will not scatter. The shape of the fans is even and free of impurities

High quality eyelashes can help you work better. If you need a professional and excellent eyelash supplier, please feel free to contact me at any time Whatsapp +86 18254273859

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