Introduction to Qingdao Alessi False Eyelashes Crafts Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Alessi False Eyelashes Crafts Co., Ltd. is an excellent eyelash supplier in China. We mainly produce 4 types of eyelashes, eyelash extensions, premade eyelashes, W eyelashes and cluster eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions include: classic eyelashes (Russian volume), easy fans, flat eyelashes and camellia eyelashes.

Classic eyelashes can be used as a single graft or in combination with other eyelashes. Nowadays, more and more eyelash artists use it to make fans, so they have very high requirements for this eyelash. The hair must be free of impurities and easy to pick up, and the roots should be kept clean without glue.

Compared with classic eyelashes, premade eyelashes have a faster grafting speed and do not require mastery of flowering techniques. They can be used directly, saving time and cost. Products can be made from 2D-20D. And now the roots of premade eyelashes are very thin, not loose curl. The root of fans is flat, with a large adhesive area. After grafting, it intersects with each other, presenting a dense effect. Moreover, the operation is simple, and when it falls off, a whole volume will fall off.

Flat lashes: The roots are flat, top 2 tips, the eyelashes are soft, and after grafting, they are light and weightless.

The W series eyelashes include 3W, 4W, 5W, 6W, 7W, woven from multiple eyelashes, with flattened roots that quickly fill gaps and better fit onto real eyelashes.Fast grafting speed, saving time and cost.


Cluster lashes come in different styles and can be easily pasted and reused at a lower price. It has different lengths (8-16mm) and curl (C, D). Eyelashes are soft and comfortable, not easily deformed, and can be grafted more quickly. After grafting, the eyelashes can be kept for a longer time without damaging themselves, and are not easy to fall off. Each eyelash is full and shiny, lightweight and soft, accurately matched with real eyelashes. It is easy for beginners to operate, and the band is soft and comfortable. The roots are not loose and can be easily picked up.


High quality eyelashes can help you work better. If you need a professional and excellent eyelash supplier, please feel free to contact me at any time Whatsapp +86 18254273859

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