The Origin and Development of False Eyelashes

You might be familiar with Qingdao for its reputation as the “Capital of Beer” in China, But do you know that inside the “Capital of Beer” there’s also a place dubbed the world’s “Capital of Eyelashes”? You may be surprised to learn that 70 percent of beauty eyelashes are made in a small county-level city in eastern China’s Shandong Province Pingdu has a population of roughly 1.2 million, yet it produces an average of 120 million pairs of beauty eyelashes that come in more than 3000 different types annually. But how did Pingdu rise to become the global factory of eyelashes?

It started some 40 years ago when locals saw the business opportunity as production techniques of beauty eyelashes were brought to Pingdu, by South Korean businessmen. Over the past four decades with the establishment of uniform industry standards and favorable government policies, what used to be scattered primitive workshops have been evolving into rather mature industrial clusters with a complete industrial chain. Today, there are 5000 trade and production companies in the area which accounted for around 85% of the nation’s total the industry has grown to be a pillar of the local economy providing over 60000 employment opportunities and generating an annual output. The popularity of beauty eyelashes are rising quickly worldwide. More than 90% of the local beauty eyelashes companies now use cross-border e-commerce platforms like Alibaba International Station Amazon and SHEIN to expand their. Opportunities brought by cross-border e-commerce is expected to give a further lift to the booming industry going forward.

Company Profile

Qingdao Alessi False Eyelash Crafts Co., Ltd. has a long history of development. Our factory has achieved a one-stop completion of the entire production process, carefully selecting and purchasing high-quality raw materials. Each process strictly follows industry standards for quality inspection of various parts, with an accurate inspection scale of no more than one millimeter. The management system is complete, and a job responsibility system is adopted, implemented layer by layer, and supervision is in place. The false eyelashes produced by our factory, Good material quality, safe and environmentally friendly, 136 degree high temperature shaping and sterilization, anti allergic treatment, consumers can wear it with confidence.

Main products

We support OEM/ODM: production and processing of eyelash extensions, premade volume eyelashes, W series, DIY eyelashes, glue and various eyelash accessories.

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