How to customize your own mousse brand?

Do you know that cleaning the eyelashes of customers is very important? We firmly believe that eyelash artists should clean their eyes immediately after the client arrives, and then eyelash extensions onto their eyes.

The eyelash cleaner produced by our factory is very suitable for removing unnecessary dirt, oil, and even dead skin cells, which may cause customers’ eyelashes to fall off faster. Our cleaning agent does not contain p-hydroxybenzoate.

Product Description

Dirty eyelashes are a nightmare for eyelash extensions! Oil and cosmetic residues can disrupt the adhesion between false eyelashes and eyelash adhesive, which means your client’s eyelashes will start popping out prematurely. Oh, before we mention the obvious thing: the accumulated dirt and grime over time makes eyelashes look clumpy, to be honest, a bit disgusting!

We are honored to provide you with a brand new and sensitive eyelash cleaning solution that can eliminate dirt, oil, and residues, allowing your customers to have clean, healthy, and happy eyelashes! Stay away from annoying things

Our high-quality formula is designed specifically for sensitive eyes, with low allergy properties and does not contain harmful chemicals found in most other cleaning agents.

It does not contain alcohol, p-hydroxybenzoate, sulfate, etc. The soft foam and the accompanying cleaning brush will take care of the customer’s eyes and remove all pollutants in life.

Oil free

Free of p-hydroxybenzoate

Sulfate free

Free of ethylene oxide

Not containing betaine

Free of polyquaternary ammonium salts


No spices

How to customize your own mousse brand?

1.Choose a bottle with different colors and capacities (50/60/70/100ml).

2.Choose mousse with flavors such as strawberry, rose, aloe vera, green tea, mango, and cantaloupe. The most popular is flavorless mousse.

3.Customize and print labels. Labels are divided into two types: paper stickers and transparent stickers. We can provide free designs (you can also send us design drawings), printing and pasting, and packaging in pink bags for you. When you receive the goods, you can sell them directly.

Kind reminder: Shelf life is 3 years

High quality eyelashes can help you work better. If you need a professional and excellent eyelash supplier, please feel free to contact me at any time Whatsapp +86 18254273859

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