How to customize eyelash brands and start your own brand journey?

The Origin and Evolution of False Eyelashes

Since ancient times, humans have been pursuing beauty. From ancient Egyptian queens to modern movie stars, people always strive to make their eyes more charming. False eyelashes, as a magical tool that can instantly enlarge the eyes and add charm, have become one of the essential items in many women’s bags. Whether it’s daily makeup or dinner styling, fake eyelashes can add a unique charm to the eyes. At the same time, various false eyelash brands and styles have emerged in the market to meet the needs of different consumers. The emergence of different styles and brands has provided consumers with greater choice space, while also driving employment for a certain group. They have discovered business opportunities, produced and sold their own brands.

How to customize eyelash brands and start your own brand journey?

Firstly, it is important to choose the appropriate type of eyelash for oneself.

There are currently three types of eyelashes: cluster eyelashes, eyelash extensions and strip eyelashes.

Today we will talk about how to customize grafting eyelashes

Grafted eyelashes are divided into eyelash lashes, premade volume and W series

Their characteristics, functions and specifications are all different. Choose eyelashes that are suitable for your customer base

1.Eyelash material

Many friends who have just started working in this industry will have this question. With so many eyelash materials, how should I choose? In fact, at the beginning, they were differentiated based on material, but eyelashes have developed to the point where they can no longer be distinguished solely by material. Lash extensions is divided into matte and glossy materials (all of which belong to PBT), while matte is divided into BASF, Songqi, BT flat wool, and domestic materials. These are materials that are widely accepted by most customers. BASF material is finer than domestic material, you can check it through the link.

2.Select the box

The boxes are divided into plastic boxes and magnetic boxes. Plastic boxes are divided into small boxes (11.2 * 6.5cm) and large boxes (11 * 14.5cm), and there are many colors of the boxes that you can choose freely. The cost of magnetic boxes is higher, so plastic boxes are more popular in the market

3.Determine the number of rows

Each box can hold 12 rows/16 rows/18 rows, usually using more than 16 rows. With the same shipping cost, the more rows there are, the lower the cost

4.Design labels

The back of the label is reusable and not easily bent. The aluminum foil label is divided into three parts. In order to facilitate everyone’s understanding, I have created a picture

5.Many customers believe that labels are like eyelashes, and I need a few boxes from the factory to print a few copies. This idea is incorrect. Printing this type of label requires the use of a large printing machine, printing at least 1000 sheets. If your quantity is small, we can provide blank labels to help you print the logo on the sticker and then stick it on the top position. Alternatively, you can directly use blank labels.

How to customize DIY eyelashes?

The customization process is almost the same, with different types of cardboard used. DIY eyelash cardboard is thick cardboard.

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