Tips For Eyelash Beauty

1.Why do eyelash glue on the market need to be shaken for a long time before use? Quickly drawing and solidifying after opening?

Due to the outdated production equipment and process of ordinary eyelash glue manufacturers, the raw material monomers have not undergone two rounds of distillation, and the addition of carbon black molecules is only a simple physical mixing, which can easily lead to the phenomenon of melanin precipitation and staining under long-term static state.

Our company’s eyelash extension glue has undergone secondary refining and purification, using vacuum high-speed dispersion equipment to strictly disperse and react, solving the problem of precipitation layering. It only needs to be gently shaken for about 10 times, and there is no need to shake again within 8 hours of use.

2.What should I do if the extensions glue accidentally gets into my eyes?

When the glue accidentally enters the eyes during operation, it should be immediately rinsed with a large amount of water, and rinsed several times continuously until the foreign object sensation disappears. Tears can also cause glue to quickly solidify and fall off.

3.Is eyelash gel harmful to the human body?

At present, the single component rapid eyelash melanin on the market is synthesized from instant drying gel. Instant adhesive is currently one of the safest adhesives and has been successfully used in certain fields for repairing human skin wounds. Our eyelash glue products have been tested by authoritative testing institutions and meet European and American standards such as ROHS/REACH/FDA.

4.The best storage method for eyelash glue? Why does glue dry slower in winter environments?

Ordinary eyelash adhesive on the market usually only has a storage time of about 3 months due to the addition of catalysts. After opening, it will take about 15 days for it to stretch and solidify. The ideal storage environment for such products is 5-15 degrees Celsius refrigeration. When the temperature is below 15 degrees, the eyelash glue will enter the winter eye state.

Low temperature stored glue needs to be reheated 2 hours in advance before use.

Our company’s products have broken through the storage sensitive technology, and only need to be stored in a normal dark, cool, and dry place.

5.Is it better to have more glue during grafting operations? How should eyelashes be protected after grafting? Why do eyelashes fall off after grafting?

When using eyelash extensions, eyelash artist should use glue according to actual needs. The less glue is used in a uniform situation, the more ideal the strength obtained. Excessive eyelash glue can increase the sense of weight-bearing.

Eyelashes can only wash their face and perform hydrophilic actions 2 hours after grafting, and attention should also be paid to excessive sweating and tearing.

Due to the metabolism and growth cycle of eyelashes themselves, sporadic shedding after grafting is a normal phenomenon. It should be noted that false eyelashes can bear more weight than real eyelashes (1.5 times), which can also cause real eyelashes to not last long and fall off.

6.Why does eyelash glue smoke when it touches a tissue? What if it sticks to your hands?

We can test with our fingers and find that glue has a noticeable burning sensation during the curing process. The curing speed of glue is directly related to the amount of heat released. Many experienced eyelash artist measure the curing speed of glue by releasing heat. So when the glue drops onto tissues or textile clothing, there will be smoke. We should avoid direct contact between the glue and tissue textiles.

If the glue accidentally sticks to your hands or skin, don’t worry or pull hard. You can soak it in warm or soapy water and rub it.

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