How to quickly and accurately find the most suitable glue for you?

As an eyelash artist, choosing the right glue is crucial for the success of your work. How to quickly and accurately find the most suitable glue for you and find excellent suppliers:

Eyelash extensions glue can be divided into black and transparent colors by color. It can be divided into 0.3s, 0.5s, and 1-2s in terms of time

1.Research and Reviews: Start by researching different glue brands available in the market. Look for reviews from other eyelash artists to get insights into the performance, durability, and safety of the glues.

2.Attend Trade Shows and Events: Trade shows and events related to the beauty industry often feature multiple suppliers showcasing their products. Attend these events to meet suppliers in person, ask questions, and sample their products.

3.Ask for Recommendations: Reach out to other eyelash artists in your network or online communities for recommendations on reliable suppliers. They may have valuable insights and suggestions based on their experiences.

4.Check Supplier Credentials: Verify the credentials and reputation of potential suppliers. Look for suppliers who offer quality products, have good customer service, and are transparent about their manufacturing processes.

5.Request Samples: Before committing to a bulk purchase, request samples from different suppliers to test the quality and performance of their glues. This will help you make an informed decision based on your preferences and requirements.

6.Compare Pricing and Terms: Compare pricing, minimum order quantities, shipping costs, and payment terms from different suppliers. Consider factors like bulk discounts, return policies, and delivery times when evaluating suppliers.

7.Look for Certifications: Choose suppliers that provide glues that meet safety standards and are approved for cosmetic use. Check for certifications or approvals from relevant authorities to ensure the quality and safety of the products.

8.Communicate with Suppliers: Establish clear communication with potential suppliers to discuss your requirements, expectations, and any specific concerns you may have. A responsive and accommodating supplier can help build a long-lasting partnership.

9.Test and Evaluate: Once you have shortlisted a few suppliers, test their products thoroughly to assess the performance, retention, and compatibility with your techniques. Conduct patch tests on yourself and clients to check for any allergic reactions.

10.Build Relationships: Establish a good working relationship with your chosen supplier by providing feedback, communicating regularly, and addressing any issues promptly. A reliable supplier can be a valuable partner in growing your eyelash business.

By following these tips, you can navigate the process of selecting the right glue for your eyelash artistry and find excellent suppliers who can provide quality products and support your business needs.

So what should we pay attention to when using eyelash glue?

1.The glue has been tested by professional engineers, and the grafting effect varies according to individual skin quality.

Grafting methods and maintenance habits are different, and the effect varies from person to person. If you feel uncomfortable,

please stop using it immediately and close your eyes 100% during the grafting process.

2.When opening the glue, it is strictly forbidden to get too close to the customer during the use of the glue, so as to avoid

improper dripping into the customer’s skin and around the eyes. Once it gets into the eyes, the consequences will be very serious.

3.Use the glue cup/table correctly, put the glue on the right side of the customer and keep a safe distance from the customer,and perform the grafting operation correctly.

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