Why use eyelash primer?

When we perform eyelash grafting, the humidity of the environment or different areas may affect the drying speed of the glue adhesive. In this case, using eyelash primer can be an effective solution. The function of eyelash primer is to:

  1. Helps improve the adhesion of adhesive
  2. Reduced the drying time of the adhesive
  3. Pre treatment of eyelash extension before grafting
  4. Keep the skin around the eyes fresh and clean
  5. Helps with rapid eyelash growth
  6. Prevent eyelash clumping, extend eyelash length and thicken it, making the entire grafting process more efficient and efficient.

Our eyelash primer pay special attention to the safety of their ingredients to ensure they do not cause irritation to the eyes. This is crucial because the eyes are a very sensitive area, and any improper chemical substances can cause discomfort or even allergic reactions. Therefore, choosing a safe eyelash primer is crucial for protecting eye health.

During the use of eyelash primer, it is also important to pay attention to the correct operating methods. Firstly, it is important to ensure the cleanliness of the eyelids and eyelashes to maintain hygiene throughout the entire process. Next, apply an appropriate amount of eyelash primer to avoid excessive use and entry into the eyes or inside the eyelids. Finally, wait for a certain amount of time for the accelerator to take effect until the glue is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

By using eyelash primer reasonably, we can improve the efficiency of eyelash grafting, making the entire process smoother and more comfortable. Meanwhile, choosing safe products is also an important part of protecting eye health. I hope that everyone who undergoes eyelash grafting can pay attention to these details and improve their eye care.

How To Use
Method 1


Dip a little bonder on the bottle mouth with a cotton swab


Apply to 1/2 of the root of the eyelashes and graft after drying

Method 2


Apply primer with two disposable microfiber brushes and gently applied to the lashes


Wait for the lashes to dry (or you can use a small fan fo speed them up)


Brush the lashes slightly for ease of isolation

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