How to create lash “tower” in Anime Wispy Style?

To create a wet anime look, we will make some lash spikes using classic lash extensions first.

1.Aly a small amount of Bonder to a micro brush, swipe through all the lashes to coat them with bonder. Now The tips of the lashes will come together automatically and won’t deform after drying.

2.get more symmetric spikes, adjust with tweezers or comb with a brush.

Pick up the spike lashes, dip into the glue, and lash!

2 ways to create “lash tower” for anime wispy style:

1.ply a 12mm spike first ,add and 11mm spike on each side , add a 10mm spike in between.

You can apply 10mm spikes on the lower layer to create a more 3D effect .

2.ply a 12mm spike first, add a 9mm spike on each side , add an 8mm spike in between.

You can apply 8mm spikes on the lower layer to create a more 3D effect.

Different lengths and quantities have different effects. To make it easier for everyone to understand and learn, you can click on the video link to watch it


Why am I always unsuccessful in making lash spikes with classic lash extensions?

That’s because when making Lash Spikes, you overlooked the curl of your eyelashes and hair tips, forming chubby “parentheses” that make the Spikes easy to cross and loose.

How to avoid this situation from happening?

1.First, fix the lash spikes in place

2.Locating and use shorter eyelashes to build tower. Note that the spikes on both sides here are made of hair trunks, and the hair tips are tilted as a whole, without the appearance of “parentheses”, lash spikes close but not intersecting.

3.Repeat the previous action and indicate the opposite direction. At this point, you will see that our spikes are completely pointed and gathered together.


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