How do you patch test?

How do you patch test?

Patch testing for eyelash extension glue is a tricky subject. How does one go about patch testing clients?

It’s not simply a case of applying some lash adhesive to the client’s skin, since you should never apply adhesive to the skin as cyanoacrylate is a known irritant!

One of the most effective patch testing methods for eyelash extensions is to apply short, classic eyelash extensions, between 10-15 to each of your client’s eyes

You should also use any other products you may trpically use during the lash application process, including pretreatment products such as primer

The patch test should be carried out 24-48 hours prior to the treatment

It’s always a good idea to check with your insurance provide whether they require your to patch test or not!

Let us know in the comments ,how do you patch test?

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