Why correct eyelash extensions placement is so important?

Correct eyelash extensions placement is crucial for several reasons.

Placing eyelash extensions too close to the skin (less than 1mm from the lash line) can cause discomfort and increase the risk of irritation, which could cause premature lash shedding.

However, of the eyelash extensions is placed more than 1-2mm from the eyelid, the lash extensions could be less secure, and the client will need and infill sooner than 2-3 weeks.

Regarding the position of the eyelash extensions on the natural lash, there are there different placement options, depending on your client’s natural lashes.

Top placement – For natural lashes going downward, the most common and popular method.

Side placement – Perfect for straight natural lashes. Do not choose this method if your client has curly natural lashes as it could be difficult to get enough bonding surface.

Bottom placement – For curly natural lashes (for example if they are lash lifters)

Top tip: Whichever placement technique you choose, it’s important to make sure you have enough bonding surface and the base of the eyelash extensions is parallel to the natural lashes.

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