How can a grafting master graft eyelash extensions to them more firmly?

How can a grafting master graft eyelash extensions to them more firmly?

1.100% Fit

When grafting eyelash extensions, it is necessary to be 100% vertical and not tilted. Do not worry when encountering messy eyelashes. It is necessary to follow the five point positioning method for grafting, maintain vertical grafting, and try to maximize the AB point of real and fake eyelashes. The root must fully fit (Key point:Face to face contact, not point to point contact

2.Mastery of tweezers

When operating, make sure to use two pairs of tweezers, and the method of holding the tweezers is very important. The three functions and operational essentials of left hand tweezers, and the three functions and operational essentials of right hand tweezers(Key point: Don’t waste time looking for eyelashes)

3.Glue extraction method

Using the secondary glue extraction method, the glue is extracted in the form of water droplets instead of spray, making grafting more secure and time saving.

4.Safe distance

If encountering special situations such as thick eyelids or sensitivity, the distance can be appropriately increased. When encountering eyelashes with weak carrying capacity, the distance can be appropriately reduced.

5.Lower eyelash position

When grafting, eyelash extensions must be inserted. Then raise the eyelashes again, pay attention to maximizing the AB point, and find a fulcrum for the right little finger(Key point: Where is the false eyelash grafting located?)

6.The gesture of grafting eyelash extensions

Left-handed and right-handed tweezers must be placed directly above the forehead, not suspended in the air. Find the fulcrum and tilt it 45 degrees, and operate it in the most comfortable state directly above the forehead(Key point: Do not press the customer’s nose during operation)

7.Operation sequence

The operation sequence must be correct, otherwise it will waste time and be prone to accidents.

8.Avoid adhesion

Be sure to jump connect to ensure that the eyelashes do not stick together, and the direction can be from left to right, from right to left, or from the middle to both sides.

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