Fluttery eyes! A lash techs worst nightmare

Fluttery eyes! A lash techs worst nightmare

When you are providing eyelash extensions to your client and discover that they have anxiety disorder, your primary task is to ensure that your client feels comfortable. From the moment you meet them you should give them a warm & welcoming greeting! During the consultation, explain the process they will go through and let your client feel like they’re in a safe space! After 15-20 min, your clients eyes will calm down.

I f your client drank CAFFEINE- kindly let them know not to drink it before any future lash appointments! Explain to them how it is more difficult to lash a moving lash line.

If your client is very EXPRESSIVE- first off, let your clients know that it is more than okay to talk during appointments! Following this you want to tell them not to move their head or body, not to open their eyes, or roll their eyes while you are lashing. Most of the time clients are not aware how much they are moving, so communicating with them will help both of you during the appointment!

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