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Wispy Volume Extension
PBT Fiber
8-18mm or mixed
Our Wispy Lashes are 100% handmade made of (Synthetic fiber) Korean BPT high-quality material that soft, black, flexible, Vegan,and no animal testing. Because this is a handmade product so they are small pointy, thin base, our fans are glued bonding result so the lash artist can able to get the best retention sets.

The operation is easier,save your time 1.It is more easily removable from the basis than the paper strips. 2.Thin long stem absorb the glue better,tweezers can be easily taken, the operation is easier, thus saving eyelash extension time.

The amount of glue is appropriate, the roots will not fall apart, and the glue will not be too much. 100% wispy fans made from tip quality lashes. Its has a bulit in Spike to help you create a top.


Q1: What is the thickness, curl and length of the eyelash extensions?
A1: The eyelash extensions thicknesses are 0.03/0.05/0.07/0.10/0.12/0.15/0.20/0.25mm
The length is 7-25mm
The curls are J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L, M,LC,LD
Q2: Do you have the eyelash extensions in stock?
A2: Yes, most of sizes are in stock, ready to ship within 24 hour.
Q3: When can I receive the package after I pay?
A3: After we ship the package out, it take about 3-7 working days to delivery.
Q4: Is this available to order lashes with my logo?
A4: Yes, we design these for free, customize the eyelash box and eyelash label. It is positive for your brand.
Q5: Is there a lot of glue at the root? Is the hair sticky?
A5: The root glue is very thin and evenly distributed, the roots will not sticky after hair removal.
Q6: Your lashes curl will become flat after a period?
A6: We only use the best lash extensions material, curvature can last for two years.


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