Transparent Glue


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Permanent eyelash glue uses new upgraded formula and has undergone ophthalmologist testing and is non-hypoallergenic. It is gentle enough for both professional and personal use at home, so you can do eyelash extensions with your eyes opened by yourself.


FOR EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY – DO NOT use on self FOR EYELASH EXTENSIONS ONLY – DO NOT use with drugstore strip lashes or flares – STRONG FUMES STRONGEST BOND – Approximately 6-8 weeks bonding period and 0.3/.5/1s dry time LOW VISCOSITY GLUE – shake bottle for 30-45 seconds to properly mix before use – glue is a thin and liquid consistency USE AS DIRECTED – Adhere eyelash extension to natural lash, DO NOT use on skin, eyes stay closed and sealed for duration of appointment until glue is totally dry.

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