New trends in the beauty and eyelash section

There are over 9000 false eyelash trading and production enterprises in China, roughly distributed in Qingdao, Shandong, Dandong, Hunchun, and Yanji belts in the northeast, Yinchuan and Yan’an belts in the northwest, and nearly 5000 false eyelash trading and production enterprises in Pingdu City, Qingdao, Shandong. It is the most representative false eyelash production base in the world. Current situation of Pingdu eyelash market in 2024: many “second generation factories” returning home from big cities and the younger generation who have a broader vision and are deeply influenced by Internet thinking begin to take over family businesses. The business philosophy of traditional false eyelash factories is changing, and the business mode of the older generation has been eliminated. With the arrival of the Internet era, manufacturers and workshops that lack relevant knowledge and close down can be seen everywhere. The market price is becoming more transparent, the industry volume is serious, and with the impact of foreign products, today’s false eyelash industry is in dire straits!

So, what new trends have emerged in the beauty and eyelash section?

01 Cross border E-commerce Rise, Beauty and Eyelash Overseas Industry Data Analysis, Rapid Growth

According to the analysis of the Amazon platform, the traffic of the false eyelash category on the US site alone ranks 631, with a steadily increasing trend of 460 million views last month. The monthly sales revenue is 30 million US dollars, and there is no obvious seasonality in the sales and display trends over the past year. Of course, according to feedback data provided by overseas websites, the majority of people’s complaints are that glue doesn’t work or looks fake, and the return rate of this category is only 2.15%. This shows that the growth rate of the beauty and eyelash industry continues to lead the industry at home and abroad, and the advantage of overseas trade is becoming increasingly apparent.

02 The beauty and skincare sector has added eyelashes, showing a trend towards refinement

Market Outlook Analysis:

-Online B2B data: Sales revenue increased by 21% and number of buyers increased by 59%

-Online C-end data: Market size of 30 billion yuan, compound annual growth rate of 60%

-Offline data: There are over 1.2 million nail and eyelash specialty stores, with a production value scale of 200 billion yuan

-Consumer data in the Z era: the number of female consumers after 1995 exceeded 100 million, and the number of monthly active users of female mobile Internet after 1995 exceeded 53 million

-Terminal requirement: Developing habits for using fake eyelashes

Product form innovation: Beauty salon grafting eyelashes → self grafting cluster eyelashes

Advanced segmentation requirements: lower eyelashes, adhesive free eyelashes, etc

-Marketing Field: The Rise of Social Content Platforms and Normalization of Marketing: KOC and KOL Sales are Beneficial for Brand Development

-Sales channels: Chain store owners are emerging, and channel efficiency is improving: hoarding large buyers/physical store owners → distribution on shelves/content e-commerce platforms

03 Beauty and fashion highlights, increasing demand for makeup and eyelashes

The rising cosmetics and tools category has become a rapidly growing opportunity track, and the following are the beauty tools that people have been eyeing in recent times:

Eyebrow pencil, eyeliner pencil, eye black, lip essence, multi-purpose cream, makeup spray, powder blusher, false eyelashes, double eyelid patch, powder puff

04 Exhibition site resource docking, directly meeting demand

Let’s first understand the on-site coordination logic of the eyelash industry exhibition

1.Two major production factors

① The raw material supplier of the manufacturer

② Manufacturer

Two types of cooperation methods

① Wholesale


3.Two wholesale forms

① False eyelash distributor

Manufacturer relationship: Dealers and manufacturers have a buying and selling relationship

Revenue method: Distributors earn operating profits and profit from price differences

Contract subject: The distributor signs the contract as an independent legal entity

Product ownership: Distributors have ownership of the product

Purchasing method: Distributors pay first and then purchase later

② Agent

Manufacturer relationship: Agents and manufacturers have a principal-agent relationship

Income method: Agents receive commission from manufacturers

Contract subject: The agent signs the contract in the name of the manufacturer

Product ownership: The agent does not own ownership of the product

Purchasing method: Agents purchase first and then pay later

4.Two forms of contract manufacturing



5 Various Retail Methods

Retail refers to the direct delivery of goods or services to consumers, and there are also many types of retail channels.

① Traditional e-commerce

② Community e-commerce

③ Offline supermarkets

④ Physical stores

City of Eyelashes – Pingdu

Pingdu, as China’s “eyelash capital”, is a place of origin advantage. It has achieved integrated development of industry and city, and integrated development of industry and trade. On the basis of Qingdao Beauty Online New Economic Industrial Park, it has accelerated the empowerment of the eyelash industry with the help of industrial clusters and industrial Internet, improved the influence and industry image of the false eyelash industry, and continued to expand the brand influence of “China’s Beauty Products (Eyelash) Industry Capital • Pingdu”. Qingdao Pingdu has become a new coordinate of the world false eyelash industry.

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